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The unified vision for all of our businesses is to create and provide
products and services that contribute to society, are beneficial,
and are one step ahead of our customers’ expectations.

We are not bound by existing frameworks
but share new ideas generated around the world
and develop products and services with an eye on industry trends.

English language
education curriculum


English Language Teaching Curriculum
for Communication Studied by more than
70,000 Children Around the World

GrapeSEED brings together the language education expertise of leaders in various fields, including language learning curriculum developers, early childhood language researchers, and teachers with many years of experience in English education. Through learning expressions appropriate for children’s age and vocabulary used in daily life, we aim to help children acquire “the ability to think and communicate their thoughts in English.” As a revolutionary curriculum designed for children learning English as a second language, it has been introduced at kindergartens, elementary schools, English conversation schools, and other educational facilities in Japan, Korea, China, the United States, and other countries worldwide.

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